Skyrim… I Might Have A Problem Dec06


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Skyrim… I Might Have A Problem

Ok, if you’re here for the review lets get this over with: It’s 10 Shurikens out of 10. Seriously, go buy this game. It is so fucking good that you’ll be sucked away from other things, important things, things so important your wife wrote them down so you would remember them- but you won’t, because you were playing Skyrim.

So what makes it so good? The open world is really “A World.” It’s not just a stage for the game to be played in. Whenever I drop into Skyrim I get the feeling that the world has turned without me.

That all the NPC’s are living out their daily lives and that I am truly a wanderer on a quest and that when I leave, they might talk about me when they eat their dinner later that evening.

The best part of the game is the variations in which you can play. For instance, check out this guys take on the game. He’s a peaceful monk. HE’S A PEACEFUL MONK! He’s at level 8 and has yet to kill anything in the game. He doesn’t even kill the undead. I don’t think Bethesda had that in mind when they built the game, but here it is!

Besides the variations your can do so much in the game it will make you a little crazy.

I mean nothing is off the table. Here’s an example, I just roared through this area. I killed the Foresworn there and moved on, but this sequence is pure genius and when I saw it, it made me laugh and rethink the way I played the game.

And that’s what makes this game so much fun. It seems as though nothing is off limits here. Want to shoot a butterfly with your bow? Go ahead.  Want to put buckets on peoples heads and then rob them blind? It’s on the list. Want to kill your trusty though annoying servant, capture her soul and then bind it to a ring to give you extra carrying capacity? You can do that too!

But, beware, carrying too many things can become treacherous and lead to hoarding. “Hoarding?” you say. Hoarding is picking up every fucking thing you find and keeping it. This isn’t much of a problem until you have a place to store it; like say a house in Whiterun.

Now, you can buy a house for 5,000 gold in Whiterun, but you will need to decorate. At first I put all my stuff away neatly; but then it got to be too much trouble, so I’d just drop my shit and leave again.

Lately though things have taken a turn and I’ve begun stealing things. Not major stuff, mostly just household items like goblets, plates, buckets, picks, shovels, cabbages, carrots, apples, cooking pots, tongs and baskets. But no one wants my stolen goods so I started hoarding them.

Suddenly I had a new purpose. My goal was to fill up my entire house with them. I wanted the front door to burst open and have all my stuff fall out when I went in; but then, I found this video and now I have a new goal in life. To take all the Cabbage I’ve stolen and create a Cabbage Avalanche! A Cabbalanche! Just think of it!

Of course hoarding does have a darker side and can lead to the local constabulary asking questions; but in a pinch, you could just add them to your collection like this guy did. I bet there’ll be many songs sung by the bards about his particular collection.

Maybe His Character's Name Is Sander Cohen.

In the end it is just a game and I’m sure it will get old, but at the moment I am having trouble putting it down. I haven’t even advanced the main storyline since the first day I played and still I’m not really interested in doing that- at least not yet.

Maybe I don’t want my time here to end. Maybe I’ll be content to just roam around for a while and visit every part of this world, you know, see the sights, learn the songs and read the books. Maybe I’ll get a dog and roam the lands; or become a chef like this guy did. But hey, don’t play drunk because what happened in Oblivion can happen here!

I guarantee you’ll find yourself having a “Skyrim Moment.” That moment when you get so caught up in the world around you that you simply forget you’re holding a controller and playing a game.