The Lightning Rant for the Week Ending 12/11/11 Dec15


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The Lightning Rant for the Week Ending 12/11/11

Hey Archie Manning – shut the hell up already. Your kids are millionaires, live a life most will only dream about and are adored by entire cities. Stop complaining about what situations will make your son happier, you screwed San Diego and made Eli into a prima donna when you declared he wouldn’t play for the Chargers, and now you’re poisoning the well for Andrew Luck. Sit down and watch the game on Sunday like everyone else, you aren’t relevant any more.

Good for a few chuckles but a return visit won't be necessary.

Picking your favorite Dallas Cowboy cheerleader is like picking your favorite child. Sure you’d protest and stammer for a moment but ultimately you could do it.

My wife and I watched Bridesmaids. I got some laughs out of it but ultimately didn’t see what all the fuss was about. In the end, the main character wasn’t likeable, and I didn’t care what happened to her.

The last three episodes of Boardwalk Empire were amazing and proved that you don’t have to do what the audience expects. I’m not the best judge of acting, but I am amazed at the job that Jack Huston does. He conveys more emotion with his voice and half a face than a lot of actors could hope to.

Ghirardelli makes a fantastic hot cocoa and I look forward to drinking a lot of it over the Christmas holiday.

The Office is dropping quickly in my eyes. On the positive side, you have Robert California and Andy Bernard; on the negative side, you have Jim, who hasn’t really done anything noteworthy in two seasons, and Pam is just plain annoying. I don’t even know what her job is on the show any more, and the new receptionist reminds us that way back when Pam used to be cute and fun.

The next time somebody accuses the NBA of conspiring to have the Lakers in every NBA final, I’d direct them to David Stern’s recent abuse of power. When you appoint an impartial party to run the franchise and then overrule them when they execute their first trade, you expose yourself as a fraud. It’s like me sticking my kids in the back seat and telling them they get to drive the car, except daddy will steer and work the pedals.

The fact that I’ve seen about two dozen Lexus holiday commercials in the past week means that either the economy isn’t as bad as advertised, or somebody at Lexus got a great rate buying airtime in bulk. If you have seen the commercials and it’s influenced you to buy a Lexus for your loved one on a whim then congratulations, you are the either in the 1% or on your way to bankruptcy.

Christmas is a time for showing your loved ones that you care about them. Unfortunately, it’s also become a time to show the rest of the world that you will be indifferent or rude to them. You can’t convince me that rudeness and poor manners don’t increase ten-fold in December. Line cutting, aggressive driving and temper tantrums are a daily occurrence and will only increase in frequency and intensity as we get closer to December 25th.

Cameron Diaz has a new movie coming out soon. Does anybody care?

I saw the Obama interview where he said that the economy couldn’t be fixed in one term and that it may not be fixed by one administration. This was a far cry from the man who claimed that if he didn’t fix the economy in his first term that there would be no second term.

I’ve been predicting that despite the bad economy  consumers would spend at least as much on holiday gifts this year as last year. A record Black Friday suggests that I may be right. For the past two months, “experts” have predicted that this year consumers will not spend in large amounts. What the experts don’t seem to get is the fact that Americans learn nothing from the past. More purchases are put on credit, forcing consumers to pay back these purchases with interest using future earnings they may or may not have. I guess if they are lucky, they can use their tax return to pay off Christmas.